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Vendor: Active Talent Holdings Limited | Holding companies of the vendor: Wheelock and Company Limited, Wheelock Properties Limited, Wheelock Investments Limited, Silver Radiance Limited, Myers Investments Limited, High Prospect Limited | Authorized Person for the development: Mr. Ng Chi Ho | The firm or corporation of which an authorized person for the development is a proprietor, director or employee in his or her professional capacity: Handi Architects Limited | Building Contractor for the development: Wecon Construction & Engineering Limited | The firm of solicitors acting for the owners in relation to the sale of residential properties in the development: Baker & McKenzie | Any authorized institution that has made a loan, or has undertaken to provide finance, for the construction of the development: Hang Seng Bank Limited (note: the loan has been repaid in full) | Any other person who has made a loan for the construction of the development: Wheelock Finance Limited

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賣方: Active Talent Holdings Limited | 賣方的控權公司: 會德豐有限公司、會德豐地產有限公司、Wheelock Investments Limited、Silver Radiance Limited、Myers Investments Limited、High Prospect Limited | 認可人士:吳智豪 | 認可人士以其專業身分擔任經營人、董事或僱員的商號或法團: 恆達建築師有限公司 | 承建商:偉工建築有限公司 | 就發展項目中的住宅物業的出售而代表擁有人行事的律師事務所: 貝克•麥堅時律師事務所 | 已為發展項目的建造提供貸款或已承諾為該項建造提供融資的認可機構:恒生銀行有限公司(註:該貸款已全數清償)| 已為發展項目的建造提供貸款的其他人:Wheelock Finance Limited

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卖方: Active Talent Holdings Limited | 卖方的控权公司: 会德丰有限公司,会德丰地产有限公司,Wheelock Investments Limited、Silver Radiance Limited、Myers Investments Limited、High Prospect Limited | 认可人士:吴智豪| 认可人士以其专业身分担任经营人、董事或雇员的商号或法团:恒达建筑师有限公司 | 承建商:伟工建筑有限公司 | 就发展项目中的住宅物业的出售而代表拥有人行事的律师事务所: 贝克•麦坚时律师事务所 | 已为发展项目的建造提供贷款或已承诺为该项建造提供融资的认可机构:恒生银行有限公司(註:该贷款已全数清偿)| 已为发展项目的建造提供贷款的其他人:Wheelock Finance Limited

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This photograph is not taken from the Development or its vicinity. 本相片並非於發展項目或其周邊地區拍攝。 本相片并非于发展项目或其周边地区拍摄。